Leave it to Beaver

Family, friends, and folk music. Bow ties and bible verses. Chacos and chocolate milk. Raconteurs and raccoons. And military men who lasso the moon. I LOVE PEOPLE.


Late Night Music Recommendation: NEEDTOBREATHE “Rise Again” 



her fingers sore
from writing too many poems

her eyes are twinkling
stoked to the the funny inspiration
about love

she dance and sing 
to declare her love
but her voice got swallowed
by the miles that gasps them

she gamble with her heart
moving closer

praying and begging
for another happy imagination

her smile shone brighter
her hair dancing with the wind
her dress flying and warmed up by the sun

but the love of her life
is near

- S -
September 7, 2013 - Sunday - 2:00 A.M


In the morning, we should wake up and say, “Father, thank You for another beautiful day. I commit this day, my plans and my future into Your hands.” When you start the day like this, you are acknowledging God. He promises to crown your day with success. When you are driving on the freeway say, “Father, thank You for keeping me safe.” At the office say, “Lord, help me to be focused and productive today.” At home, “Father, bless my children.” Before you go to bed, “Lord, thank You for a good night’s rest.” When you’re acknowledging Him in all your ways, He promises to direct your paths. He promises to lead and guide you into paths of peace, joy and everlasting life!


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recently in Camden so many people are doing chalk drawings on the ground and this ones my favourite
it says ‘space isn’t mans final frontier. mans final frontier is the soul’

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